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    LBBC Beechwood

    Expertise in pressure vessel manufacturing services

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    LBBC Baskerville

    Serving scientific research for over 75 years

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  • LBBC Technologies

    LBBC Technologies

    Engineering the next generation of process technologies

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    Natural water cremation

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  • LBBC Group

    Founded in 1876

    handed down through five generations of expertise

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    New Technologies Facility

    Purpose built world leading design and manufacturing facility

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LBBC Group

Driving tomorrow’s engineering solutions

Originating as the Leeds and Bradford Boiler Company, LBBC has a history since 1876 and five generations of family ownership. In that time LBBC has earned a global reputation as a leading supplier of autoclave solutions, system integration and precision engineering.

Building on the pioneering innovation of the ultra-safe Quicklock® door and related high pressure safety systems the group progressed through continued innovative design and systems development combined with the high quality manufacturing services.

LBBC has recently expanded the group of engineering businesses each with their own focused discipline. By combining the expertise of all the four divisions LBBC Group is able to provide comprehensive advanced engineering solutions in pressure based applications for the ever changing market needs and challenges.

The group’s policy of reinvesting in people, equipment and innovation for the future means that it is well placed for continued growth.

LBBC Beechwood

LBBC Beechwood

LBBC Beechwood combines over 100 years of fabrication, pressing and machining experience and offers subcontract engineering services for a wide range of pressure vessel and large component projects. ISO 9001 approved and qualified in CE, ASME U-Stamp and China Manufacturing License approvals for pressure vessel fabrication, means LBBC Beechwood is perfectly placed as the ideal global manufacturing partner and supplier of complex pressure vessel assemblies.

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LBBC Baskerville

LBBC Baskerville

LBBC Baskerville joined the group in June 2015. The name has a long heritage in the supply of unique small high pressure autoclave equipment, either standard or custom-designed reactors and autoclaves. Primarily used for industry and university research and development related applications, the company has led the way in the design and development of an innovative range of products for the corrosion testing market.

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LBBC Technologies

LBBC Technologies

LBBC Technologies specialises in industrial autoclave systems and pressure containment hatches incorporating the revolutionary Quicklock® door. With over 70% of equipment being for export, the division is recognised globally for its expertise in pressure containment and allied high level safety systems. This expertise is cross functional from project management and solid model design to advanced control systems and service support. In industries such as investment casting, LBBC Technologies has pioneered many of the technological developments in mold dewaxing and ceramic core removal. As a result the Boilerclave® and the Core Leaching Autoclave systems are recognised as the benchmark in the industry.

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LBBC Resomation

LBBC Resomation

In February 2016, LBBC became the proud new owners of Resomation Ltd. The Resomation® or water cremation process is a gentler environmentally beneficial alternative to flame cremation. Established in 2007, Resomation Ltd selected LBBC Technologies as the exclusive design and development partner for water cremation equipment. In 2016, LBBC Group became the majority owner of the company to further the introduction and adoption of this innovative green technology.

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About Us

LBBC Group History

The Leeds and Bradford Boiler Company was founded in 1876 to manufacture boilers and associated boilermaking for local crane suppliers, tar stills and brewing pans for local pubs.

The group was purchased by a number of investors in 1892 with a majority by David Pickard.

During the 1900’s, new management, headed by Herbert Pickard, continued with boiler operations and branched out to specialise in tar distillation plants to facilitate the building of the world’s first tar roads.

The Leeds & Bradford Boiler Co LTD

The demand for mines during the First World War led to the company’s first pressing operations with the supply of many hot pressed hemispheres.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s times were hard as the Leeds and Bradford Boiler Company faced strong competition from UK boiler makers and the country experienced depression, fuel shortages and strikes.

LBBC Group History

Maurice Pickard gave the company a unique competitive advantage through his invention of the revolutionary Quicklock® door in 1934 which provided a very fast operating, reliable pressure containment door system.

The company subsequently specialised in manufacturing autoclaves that incorporated the Quicklock® door. The design was an instant success since it required minimal effort compared with heavy swing bolt alternatives.

Through the success of the Quicklock® door, Maurice pioneered many safety interlock devices that led him to be consulted by the Government’s Health & Safety body to set the mandatory standards that are still present today.

LBBC Group History

After the destruction on World War 2, LBBC helped Britain to re-equip the world with capital plant.

The main product line was now supplying autoclaves to all parts of the world with applications from vulcanising to timber impregnators and textile steamers with the provision of specialised pressure vessel manufacturing services.

LBBC Group History

In the 1960’s the company developed a revolutionary new product, the Boilerclave®, specifically for the investment casting/lost wax process, which was relatively new as a mainstream foundry process.

During these good times The Nestle Company was a significant customer of LBBC with over 200 vessels /retorts produced for the process of manufacturing instant coffee.

The company was awarded The Queens Award for Exports in 1967 presented by the High Sheriff of Yorkshire.

Around this time, the Quicklock® door was selected by VSEL as a submarine hatch supplier due to its ease of use and reliability.

Dished Ends

The company heavily invested in extending the factory and purchasing new production equipment including upgrading the dished end equipment to a full range of cold pressing and spinning machines.

As traditional industries declined, LBBC responded to the changes in the marketplace by developing a sub-contract machining activity.

Through the involvement of the Boilerclave®, the company developed the Core Leaching Autoclave which again revolutionalised the method for removing ceramic cores from alloy turbine blades.

Both these products are still recognised globally as the market leader.

LBBC Group History 2000s

LBBC continued to invest heavily in product development and the associated 3D solid modelling technology.

In 2003, the company was restructured into two business divisions, LBBC Technologies and LBBC Beechwood.

LBBC Technologies to concentrate on the development, supply and support of the autoclave technology based equipment and pressure containment.

LBBC Beechwood to focus on the manufacturing activities of fabrication, machining and dished end pressing and the supply of complex pressure vessel assemblies.

LBBC Building

In 2014, the group built an additional new facility to house the growing LBBC Technologies division and allow the continued expansion of LBBC Beechwood in the existing premises.

Multicell Reactor

Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves Limited had been established since the 1950’s but having lost their way somewhat, went into liquidation in early 2016. LBBC Group recognised the synergies with their own expertise and acquired the assets from the liquidators. The division has been rebranded as LBBC Baskerville and is rejuvenating the brand with a newly developed range of autoclave products specialising in corrosion testing under a KTP project with the University of Leeds.


Established in 2007, Resomation Ltd was founded by Sandy Sullivan to further the introduction of a green alternative to flame cremation. By working in partnership with LBBC Technologies, Resomation launched their product into the US market where it has been successfully introduced. In 2016, LBBC Group took the opportunity to take a majority ownership of Resomation Ltd and continue to support Sandy on the introduction of the technology to the rest of the world.

LBBC Technologies

As LBBC Group continue to invest and develop expertise in the pressure-based mechanical and systems expertise and equipment across the divisions, the opportunities increase. Whichever division the customers’ requirements primarily meet, they can be assured that they are well placed with support across the wider Group.

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